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Pictorial Carpet  is an ornamental rug specially prepared for hanging on room and hall walls for decoration. It is an amazing fabric art which brings beauty and joy to your homes.Cotton,polyester and silk strings are woven together to create the pictorial rugs. 

Our products cover a wide range of Pictures like Abstracts, Nature, Botanic, Animals and Classic paintings thanks to our experts and high skilled craftsmen. Please Visit our products:   

Who we are: Our Australian based company is the biggest supplier of the ” pictorial carpet” in the country.At Castle port we design and weave sensational pictorial carpets for our customers. Our exotic products depict spectacular scenery and pictures on fabric. 

We are using soft and durable raw materials in our workshops  such Cotton , Acrylic , Polyester and, silk to guarantee the quality of our products .Our pictorial carpets are fit in trendy wooden or PVC frames before they are imported and delivered to our customers.

Machine woven rugs and carpet  

 Since the advent of western industrialization in the nineteenth century, rugs have been manufactured by machine loom processes. Such carpets are generally made from high quality raw materials like Silk, wool, silk, and cotton. synthetic materials like polyester and acrylics are also used to weave the machine made pictorial carpet. 

Machine made Pictorial carpets are durable, beautiful and economical. That’s why they have been very popular recently . Weaving time of machine- made pictorial carpets are considerably shorter than the hand-made ones. Machine- made pictorial carpet are washable and resistant against heat and sun rays.   

Hand  woven  rugs  and  carpet  

Hand woven rugs have a certain built-in value that ranks them above machine-made products. Hand-made labor is more costly . Hand-made carpets involve an endless series of choices and decisions, minor twists and turns, that collectively give the piece its personality and presence.

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