About us

At Castle port we design and weave sensational pictorial carpets for our customers. Our exotic products depict spectacular scenery and pictures on fabric. They are especially made for hanging on room and hall walls for decoration.

Our weaving experts and craftsmen follow a long process in our modern workshops to sew amazing fabric paintings for your home decoration.  We make both machine and handmade Pictorial rugs with high quality soft raw materials including Acrylic, polyesters, cotton and silks.

Our quality control team conducts rigorous tests during the production to assure the quality, durability and beauty of the final products before they are delivered to our customers.

The encouragements and admiration we receive from our customers have been always the main motivation for our business and people since we started our journey 10 years ago.

We use trendy and popular designs for our pictorial rugs to satisfy the preferences of our customers and to be in line with current interior design of Australian homes. Our customers show a great taste towards abstracts, botanic arts and modern paintings these days while classic paintings have always had their passionate advocates among our customers.

Our pictorial carpets are fit in trendy wooden or PVC frames before they are imported and delivered to our customers.


Castle port

ABN: 60 245 429 144

Address: 36 Preston Place, Cameron Park, NSW 2285

Email: Contacts@Picture – carpet.com 

Ph: +61240405947 

Mob: +6145866469


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